Deésse: The Newest Nail and Lash Pampering Haven Opening Soon in Metro Manila


Get ready, ladies and gents! It’s time to ditch the couch potato look and glam up. We’ve been locked up at home far too long that we’ve basically merged with our beds. The new work-from-home set-up has us combining sweatpants with our formal tops, and using filters on Zoom to make ourselves look a little bit more presentable. The need to wear face masks and shields has messed with our skin care and sucked out any motivation in us to throw on some make-up. Luckily, someone’s got your back! Deésse Nail & Lash Salon is opening its doors in Manila this April to help unleash the fierce and powerful woman or man in you. Now’s the perfect time to treat yourself to a pampering session at Deésse!

Our Story

The brand name originated from the French word “Goddess.” And like its namesake, the core concept behind Deésse revolves around having a space dedicated to beauty and wellness that makes customers feel like a deity. Except Deésse doesn’t isolate the word goddess to women only – this appeals to anyone and everyone! Once you step foot inside the boutique, you can expect to have a memorable and rejuvenating spa experience unlike any other. From the wellness spa’s interior design to its esteemed beauty technicians and quality services, every client will feel the luxury, comfort, and style Deésse has to offer.

Our Services

Deésse not only wishes to enhance a customer’s outside beauty, but also to promote wellness in mind and spirit. It’s a one-stop sanctuary offering a variety of services for customers who need pampering and an escape from life’s stressors. With these carefully thought-out holistic services, both men and women will feel good and confident in their skin.

Pampered Hands & Feet

Indulge yourself in a variety of hand and feet nail services. Deésse offers manicures, pedicures, gel, paraffin, and their signature style, with prices ranging from 400 to 1,500 PHP. For the ultimate pampering, why not try the hand and foot spa revitalizing?



Achieve healthy and flawless skin with Deésse’s beauty and aesthetic services. They have exfoliating treatments and diamond peeling from 600 to 3500 PHP, depending on the body part. For your skincare needs, Deésse offers facials that address oil control, acne control, age control, and whitening. They also have a gentlemen’s facial treatment geared for the specific skincare needs that men have.

Eyelash Extensions

Say goodbye to those annoying mascara mishaps with these eyelash extensions starting at 2200 PHP. Choose among the various styles – from natural-looking classic lashes, a fierce look with a mixture of natural and volume lashes, or a glamorous style with long, luscious strands.


Want to show some skin without all those unwanted hairs? Drop those razors and try Deésse’s fast and gentle hair removal. They offer underarm, Brazilian, legs, and upper lip waxing for an affordable price starting at 400 PHP.

Safety Protocols

Due to the current global pandemic, Deésse will be opening with COVID safety measures in place. To keep everyone safe while fully enjoying your pamper time, please make sure to follow these protocols:

  • Book your appointment 2-3 days before.
  • Arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time.
  • Wear your mask and face shield.
  • Have your temperature checked before entering the boutique.
  • Fill up a contact tracing form.

Experience Beauty and Wellness with Deésse

Regardless if you’re working from home or hustling to the office everyday, the notion of getting all fixed up for others is so last season. It’s time to put yourself first. At Deésse, you can achieve those luscious lashes without the extra effort of applying false lashes. People will think you’ll have a filter on, but that’s just thanks to Deésse’s facials! Don’t forget to pamper your hands and feet! Get your nails painted in your favorite shade, so you’ll have a splash of color wherever you go and whatever you do. Staying at home doesn’t mean you should waste away and disregard your self care and confidence. Experience relaxation and embrace a more beautiful you with Deésse!